2003 Horizon Interfaith; Marion, OH
2004 RADAR Reward: America’s Drug Abuse Resistance; Franklin Furnace, OH
2005 Home for Good in Oregon; Salem, OR
2006  Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery; Harrisburg, PA
2007 Give Kids a Chance; Portland, ME
2008  The Chrysalis Community; York, CT
2009 One Day with God Camp, Forgiven Ministries, Taylorsville, NC
2010  P.L.U.S. [Purposeful Living Units Serve], Indiana Department of Corrections
2011 Faith-Based Anger Management Program, Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution, Pendleton, OR
2012 Lawtey Faith & Character Based Institution, Florida Department of Corrections
2013 Principles and Applications for Life [PAL], Arkansas Department of Corrections

Chaplaincy Offender Program (C.O.P.) Award Criteria


The American Correctional Chaplains' Association (ACCA) has established this award to give recognition to creative, effective, outcome-based chaplaincy programs. The award is presented annually at the summer Congress of Correction.

A Chaplaincy Offender Program is defined as one in which a chaplain has duties that are important in the operation of an effective program that is making a positive difference in the lives of offenders in an institution or in community supervision.

Any chaplain program serving adult or juvenile offenders, victims, or community corrections clientele that demonstrates a positive difference in the lives of people in at least two of the following areas: 1) New knowledge, 2) Increased skills, 3) Changed attitudes or values, 4) Modified behavior, 5) Altered status, 6) decreased recidivism, or 7) Improved social relationships NOMINATIONS
Anyone can nominate a chaplaincy offender program, especially those who are members of ACA or ACCA. All nominations must be submitted by December 31 prior to the selection of the winner at the mid-winter ACA conference of the following year. However, nominations can be taken any time for future consideration.

Any chaplaincy offender program nominated must meet the following criteria:

  1. A clear purpose or mission,
  2. Specific goals or outcomes, and
  3. Operating at least three years.

The winning program will be notified no later than May of each year. The award is then presented at annual summer Congress of Correction.


Nominations should be sent to:

American Correctional Chaplains Association

C.O.P. Award

P.O. Box 5345

Bozeman, MT  59717

If you wish to submit a nomination, please
print out the form please by clicking COP Award Form.  This will open in Adobe Acrobat. You can print the form from there.