Changes to our Constitution

At the recommendation of ACCA's Executive Council, the following changes to our Constitution are being proposed to the membership:

1) First affiliate in 1886, page 1, Article I, Section 1

2) Membership categories, page 2, Article III, Section 1C

3) Officers, page 3, Article IV, Section 1

4) Organizational Structure, page 5, Article V, Section 1

5) Executive Council & Executive Committee, page 6, Article V, Section 4

6) Proposing Amendments, page 7, Article VI, Section 1

7) Approving Amendments, page 8,  Article VI, Section 2

If approved, this document would supersede the last approved constitution from January 2013 (that is currently posted on ACCA's website).

Please click on this link to view the recommended changes to the constitution. 

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Gary Friedman, Communications Chairman

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